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  • What type of person are the small group programs designed for?
    Group programs are designed for the person who has a natural curiosity to explore and learn new things. They are motivated to ask questions that challenge them to think differently. GlideView's small group programs include content that requires participants to intimately engage with their own thoughts and beliefs, prompting moments to pause and reflect in various ways. Learning to hold space for themselves and for others is a valuable technique to practice to get the most out of the group programs.
  • How long are group coaching programs?
    Group coaching programs last for a total of six weeks. Participants meet once a week for 60-minute sessions either virtually or in-person (depending on location and availability).
  • What do group coaching programs include?
    All programs include the following: One pre-call & one post-call (20-minutes each) ​ Two, 20-minute 1:1 sessions to get coached on any topic of your choosing. These must be used within the program duration. ​ Session content & recordings, available up to 90-days after the last session date ​ Connection with program cohort for resources, motivation and support during and after the scheduled program ​ A GlideView Group Coaching Program Certificate of Completion (digital)
  • What if I'm unavailable to attend a session?
    Links to recorded sessions will be sent to group members via email after each session. Participants who miss a session will be invited to watch that day's recorded session. We ask that participants send an email to and submit a one-paged summary of their observations, insights, and key takeaways. A list of questions will be available to prompt participants to share what they learned and gleaned from the session topic.
  • What if a program I want to take is already at capacity?
    If the program has reached its six-person capacity, then we are able to put you on a first-come, first-served waiting list. Should a slot open up, we will send an email letting you know. You will have three hours to register for the program upon receiving the email. Missing this three-hour window will automatically forfeit your opportunity and we will advance to next person on the waiting list. If you would like to receive updates for when additional dates become available, then Contact Us and submit a form, requesting to be put on our mailing list. Or you can send an email to
  • Will I have access to session recordings?
    All sessions will be recorded and available in a password-protected link for participants to access in the portal. In an effort to protect the privacy and integrity of each group member’s participation, session recordings are strictly available for participant access only. Recorded session links are not to be shared, copied, or transferred to anyone who was not a participant of the group program. All recordings will be available up to 90 days from the date of the last session.
  • Do you accept health insurance?
    GlideView Coaching does not accept health insurance for any coaching services and program offerings.
  • What is relational intelligence?
    Relational intelligence is the process of developing awareness around how things exist in relation to where you are in life. Examples include how people show up, how you engage with ideas, and how you respond to moments of uncertainty. We guide participants to identify aspects that have been unintentionally neglected, bring attention to areas which have never before been considered, and find common ground where expectations remain unfulfilled. Cultivating awareness will allow you to make choices that support your needs and deepen your connection with experiences, others, and yourself.
  • What is group coaching?
    Group coaching is a series of sessions led by a professional coach where participants, who do not previously know each other, are coached as a group around a specific theme. The goal is to allow group members to engage in rich, topic-relevant dialogue to glean insights and support from each other to move forward with their individual objective.
  • What do you consider to be 'active participation'?
    As it relates to a virtual program, active participation includes having your camera ‘on’ for the duration of each session. We encourage participation in conversations, which can be expressed various ways. While joining into conversation through speech is one way to participate, engaging with others via chat and being an active listener and observer are also effective ways to actively participate. We encourage all participants to silence or remove all unnecessary technology that is not directly being used for the program, including phones, pads, and TVs. This also includes side distractions like text messaging, having non-participants be in the same room as you, and watching a show in the background or surfing the web. We expect to have participants complete the program’s take home activities and offer their insights to the group at the next session. Voicing takeaways and jumping in on other members’ experiences and observations only enhances your experience of the program and elevate the group as a whole.
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