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Group Coaching Programs

What is Group Coaching?

Group coaching is a series of sessions led by a professional coach where participants, who do not previously know each other, are coached as a group around a specific theme. The goal is to allow group members to engage in rich, topic-relevant dialogue to glean insights and support from each other to move forward with their individual objective.

Each session is highly interactive.

We integrated various modes of learning throughout the program, equipping all group members with the resources they need to expand their awareness from Day One. The content includes visual associations, topic-relevant questioning, and inviting members into conversations that express their in-the-moment perspective. Your individual journey becomes a shared experience with a personalized program objective, engaging with others in meaningful, topic-relevant conversations who are also motivated to improve their quality of life and participate in an information-enriched and supportive environment.

We currently have three group coaching programs available that focus on your relationship with money, work, and your living environment.


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