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Fundamentals of Money

Group Coaching Program


We understand money by how we interpret our surroundings. As adults, our relationship with money stems from messages we receive from media, our friends, and from general society. Inviting awareness to our attitudes and behaviors around money will convey opportunities to understand what money is, what it means to us, and how it shows up in our adult life.

About the Program

The Fundamentals of Money program focuses on managing the way individuals observe and relate to money instead of the ‘financial management’ itself. The program encourages participants to explore their inner dialogue and beliefs about what money is and how they engage with it day-to-day. This awareness will create the space to identify areas of dissatisfaction, redefine their relationship with money, and improve areas where friction is observed in their personal lives.


Program Details

The GlideView Group Coaching Program integrates a variety of resources to cultivate insight and relevant takeaways for participants to move the needle forward in their own, unique way.  The content is intended for practical application, incorporating opportunities of interaction and reflective prompts, accompanied by the insights, experience, and support of the cohort to ensure growth for the member and the group at large.  Questions, observations, and reflections are encouraged to receive the maximum benefit that group coaching has to offer.

Group Coaching Programs are six-weeks long and have a limited registration capacity—up to six participants per scheduled program. Group members meet once a week for 60-minute sessions in Washington Heights, New York.

Registered members of a program are considered to be a cohort of encouragement, resourcefulness, and support. Members are invited to stay in touch and be available as a way to offer learnings and inspire action for each other beyond the scheduled program.

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Please contact us directly to learn about when the next program is scheduled to run. Programs are currently scheduled for Saturdays and conducted in-person in Washington Heights, New York.

What's Included

  • One pre-program & one post-program call (20-minutes each)

  • Session content, available up to 90-days after the final session date

  • Connection with program cohort for resources, motivation and support during and after the scheduled program

  • A digital GlideView Group Coaching Program Certificate of Completion

  • Optional: For an additional cost, participants may include two, 20-minute 1:1 coaching sessions, which must be used by the last week of the final session

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