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Small Group Program Overview

GlideView offers a portfolio of small group programs on topics that develop cultural cohesion and camaraderie. We do this by inviting employees to participate in a cohort of up to eight of their colleagues to connect across common interests. Employees, who may otherwise not know each other, are guided through topic-relevant content and questions that inspire meaningful conversations.


An employee’s participation is enriched by the collective wisdom of the cohort, creating a sense of belonging and support. This allows group members to engage in rich dialogue and glean insight from different life perspectives, experiences, and lessons.

Onboarding Essentials Program

The Onboarding Essentials Program is designed for companies who have an existing onboarding process but do not have the bandwidth or the resources to offer a comprehensive cultural integration component for the employee. The program includes a hybrid of personal growth and career development modules that enhance a new hire’s onboarding experience in an intimate space of fellow, newly hired colleagues. Employees in the onboarding cohort have a unique opportunity to bond in a way that many tenured employees cannot. Colleagues will engage in meaningful conversations around topics that are important to their long term career. Developing an emotional connection with the company, their colleagues, and with themselves will increase employee retention and establish a network of professional connections that will last beyond the program’s duration.

Professional Development Programs

Our professional development programs focus on the employee and how they want to navigate their career in the workplace. Program content covers areas that identify how an employee wants to develop their professional career, such as what they want to do and where they want to go within the organization and beyond. We offer two programs, one for managers and another for executives that guide individuals to discover their strengths and identify their values around work. The cohort uses their professional expertise to glean ideas and ways that work can be navigated on a personal level including as a support network. Professional development programs can be customized with modules that reflect the company’s overarching needs and priorities.

Information coming soon.

Personal Growth Programs

Companies who understand that providing employees a space to elevate their awareness with the support of their colleagues creates a healthy work environment. Meaningful connections are cultivated by discovering commonalities and engaging in self-exploration through topic-relevant conversations in their cohort. Our programs focus on areas that are most relevant to people’s lives, including money and overall well being. These programs are offered to employees who are motivated to improve their lives and build relationships with like-colleagues. Personal growth programs invite participants register for the programs voluntarily, not as a company requirement.

Information coming soon.

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